Yesterday I have finally opened and tried Chef Christiane’s Brazilian Gourmet Hot Sauce I got for a review. I was kind of scared of trying out this sauce because I don’t normally eat a lot of hot sauces and hot food. I was hoping to feed it off to my husband as he is the main hot sauce consumer in our family.

However, when I opened it, I really wanted to try it myself first. I was not disappointed! This sauce was really good. I only needed a little bit for my food, so this sauce will last me a while. The heat of this sauce is perfect for me as I don’t like very spicy food. I thought the heat level was just right. I would say, it is a fairly mild sauce, I wouldn’t call it really hot. If I were to use a lot of it, I would say the heat level is 3-4, but if used a bit, the heat level is at about 2. I have definitely had hotter sauces before, but I don’t like overly hot stuff, so this level of heat is just right.

It is a very nice sauce though, and I will try to use it in my food, definitely. It is made with this new to me pepper called Malagueta pepper. What a treat!

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