We have received a cool set recently by Dr. Cool where kids have a chance to crack open 4 geodes to look inside them. The kit comes with booklets full of activities and information about geodes. This is a great educational kit that could be used for summer activities, homeschooling activities, or just busy time with the kids.

My kids love educational and playful activities, and they couldn’t wait to open it up and play with it! Today was a cloudy day, so instead of some pool time we just cooked food, read books, and played with geodes! We set up the activity outside because I was as usual worried about the stone chips.

The kit comes with a pair of special science goggles that protect the eyes, and that can actually be worn overtop of normal glasses! We had 4 geodes, and 2 kids, and only 1 pair of goggles included in the set, so I fished out a pretty much identical pair from some of the supplies I already had, and we were good to go. When we opened up the set, we took 4 pretty fancy stones out. Then we found out that we actually needed a hammer to open them up! Duh! The hammer was not included in the set, so we had to hold off the activity until Daddy’s arrival back home.

I am of a scaredy kind, so I was also worried to actually open up the stone on my own, as I usually end up holding the baby, and neither me not the baby had any goggles, so I figured me and the hammer with the geodes are just not going to happen.

When Daddy came home I advised them to find a sock to use for the kit as I was still worried about stone chips despite all the goggles. We did find a sock to use, and Daddy went to work on the stones. He hit them and hit them with all his might through the sock, but was only able to open up 2 geodes out of 4. I think we will have to continue some other day with the rest of the two, but the ones that did open up were exactly the same – with gorgeous white crystals inside!


After the activity was all over, all the banging of the hammer stopped, everything was done, my older daughter started looking for her microscope, as we really wanted to use it to see inside the geodes! She is really into sparkly stones, so this was a perfect activity for her, and she spent the rest of the evening looking at the stones with her microscope!

I hope we will be able to open up the other two of the geodes, and I think tomorrow we will spend some time reading through more geode related materials in the kit, as well as do some of the activities that the kit comes with. I think this is a fantastic activity for the kids, and lets them read and study some science in the summer which I could not be happier about!

This company that supplied the geodes also has some more sets on sale now through Snagshout.

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