We got this new toy – a kids singalong CD/MP3 Karaoke machine for the kids, and it has been super popular with the family! Even our baby loves it! The two older girls turn it on, and sing songs from their favorite CDs, and the little baby sits next to them, sings, jumps and claps! What a sight that is to see!

This machine is quite a cool device! It is very colorful, and nowadays our little laptops no longer take CDs, so it is great to be able to listen to some kiddy music on this new machine. The kids love it, and we grownups love it because our kids are having fun!

This toy is going to be a great gift as well! I may be buying it for some of the birthdays in the next year!

It is very easy to use. Just plug it in, give the kids the CDs, and they will figure it out! Even our baby can already turn it on and off! Our girls are singing songs with the karaoke, and it is delightful to watch them play all 3 of them together!

I have received this item for free or discounted for a review.

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