Dark Spot Corrector by Belle Peau Beauty Review

I definitely need a lot of help with my skin. As a younger girl I used to have a lot of acne on my face, and I still get acne even now on my chin. As a result, the skin on my chin is red in spots where there were recent breakouts. I hope that this acne problem is going to get better some day on my skin.

I am using a new product called Belle Peau Beauty which is a dark spot corrector with hyaluronic and kojic acids. It seems like half of the products that I review these days contain hyaluronic acid, and I have written a lot about it. Kojic acid is a less known to me ingredient, so I went and read a bit about it. Kojic acid is a Japanese ingredient that has to do with sake plants and fungi. Basically they noticed the effect of kojic acid on workers of sake plants when their hands started to look whiter the more they worked with this ingredient.

Kojic acid is also said to have certain side effects. It promotes skin exfoliation, and as a result this may lead to excessive skin dryness, infections, and breakouts. I think that if this ingredient is used correctly, and the instructions for use of the product are followed, it will be all right to use on the skin though.

I have been applying this dark spot corrector by Belle Peau Beauty on my chin and my old pimple spots that are darker. First, I cleanse the skin with my toner, and then apply this dark spot corrector, and follow up with a moisturizer with SPF protection. This dark spot corrector is transparent colored, and smells almost sweet and sugary. The consistency is not very thin, and it is easy to apply on the skin. Once it dries, I do feel it on the face, which is not really something I like to feel. I don’t really like products that sort of stay on the face as a film, and bother me. I don’t think I have been applying too much of the product either. Barely anything, but I can still feel it on the skin.

I am not sure if I am going to keep using this product, because I don’t like the feel of it on my face, but other than that it is hard to say whether it works well or not in terms of dark spots disappearing. I would have to use it for a month or so to know how my skin is reacting with it. I am going to try to use it and see if there is any change.

Have to mention that this dark spot corrector is hydroquinone free, 98% natural, 72% organic, and contains a lot of herbal ingredients in the ingredient list. These are all amazing qualities that make this dark spot corrector a very good innovative and good for you product to use – worry-free.

I have received this product for free for a review.

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