One of the reasons I love reviewing items is trying items that I have never owned before. I got this new Bellemain cleaver for a review, and I am so happy about it. This cleaver is so versatile! I can use it for cutting thick skin on fall vegetables like squash or pumpkin, which has always been a problem for me, and now it is resolved. I can squash garlic with it for easier peeling and chopping. I can mince meat, herbs with it. It is also great for cutting through tough bones, for example, when cutting up whole chicken, or separating bones from meat. I find this tool is so important to have in the kitchen, and my kitchen has always suffered without it.

I am glad to finally own a proper great cleaver to help with with my hard to do kitchen duties that I always ask my husband to help me with otherwise. I cannot wait to try this cleaver on a whole coconut. I like the blade of this knife – it is very durable. I think this knife will work past my lifetime. While this cleaver is inexpensive, I always do quite well with inexpensive kitchen tools. I know it is probably not what famous chefs would pick for their knife, but it will quite do for me and my small kitchen cooking efforts.

I have received this product free of charge for an honest review.

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