Yesterday I wrote about a bowler hat I received for a review. The same day I also received a black felt top hat also for a review. That is the hat I am going to write about today!

The top hat is made of felt, and it is a pretty cute hat. This hat fit very well on my 9-year old daughter’s head, but did not fit that well on my husband’s or my heads. This hat is a very cute hat, kind of looks like Heisenberg’s hat from Breaking Bad for us, and we have already come up with a lot of jokes in this regard. I think this hat will go very well with glasses and moustache to try to look like Mr Walter White from the great show.

photo 2 (29)

Definitely, this hat would also work with some sort of magic show performance or pretend play. This hat would most likely be for a child, and may not fit on every adult as it looks like it runs small.

I like this hat as it will be a great prop for theatrical performances or playing. We have a baby growing, and I think she will enjoy dress-up games, and pretending to be a magician.

This hat is of pretty good quality for the price, I wouldn’t expect to see any different quality from what I got.

I have received this hat from SSAA Accessories Seller for an honest review.

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