Two days ago my daughter decided to try out using her new manga – marker drawing pad and her new pencil set. Either of my daughters is really into manga, but they do like to draw favorite characters, and the middle daughter is really into ponies. She found a video tutorial on Youtube to watch, and learned how to properly draw ponies from her favorite show.

The first time she attempted to draw ponies was last year I think, or a few months ago anyway, when she tried to follow instructions online, and attempted to properly draw those ponies for the first time. Those pictures were all in color, and she drew several different characters. She tried really hard, but you could see definitely that she was not a professional. She had a few mistakes here and there. Those pictures were very nice for her though.

photo 3 (16)

Now this time around she only drew one pony so far, but that was some pony! She spent about 1 hour, at least, drawing on the patio, and when she showed her picture, I couldn’t believe it! The picture was really, almost professionally drawn! I would not have thought that she was the one drawing it have I not seen her do it with my own eyes! Both the drawing pad designed especially for cartoons, manga, and character drawing, as well as her sketching set, definitely helped in creating this amazing picture.

photo 4 (11)

This girl is always coming up with fun activities to do by herself or with her sister! Yesterday they were creating a time capsule. Today they were making a homemade Frozen boardgame! We also went back-to-school shopping today, but we are still missing a few key items, so we are just starting.

I have received the pad and the pencils for free for a review.

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