I have been struggling with carrying my phone around. In Seattle area here we have very mild weather, so sometimes I go outside without a coat with pockets, and I always try to ditch my bag.

Basically, the less I carry, the better. It is usually when I go speak with a neighbor outside, or walk to school, or around the block, I don’t really want to bring out my bag or purse, and I do need to take my phone with me usually.

This is when I think about getting some sports band for my phone that can serve this function of carrying my phone, and maybe a couple of credit cards with me. This is all I need.

I was lucky to be able to try this sports band, and it is perfect for my phone. My phone is iPhone 5S Smartphone, and it fits perfectly into this sports arm band for iPhone 5. I can now go for walks without having to bring my purse with me every time.

I like how soft this band is to touch, and it feels and looks very solid. I think that this arm band will last a long time.

photo 3 (17)

I am thinking of starting to jog daily to lose weight, so this arm band will definitely come in handy. Going jogging is important with a smartphone so as not to get bored, be able to listen to music, and answer phone calls. Again, having a phone in my pocket, and running with it would just simply not work. This arm band will do the job!

It will help me be more organized, and make sure I don’t leave my phone at home as well. Sometimes I don’t bother with taking my phone with me because I have nowhere to put it, whereas now I have a great band that can hold it!

This product gets 5 stars in my books! Have been waiting to get this product for a long time!

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