I have been really unwinding tonight with my tea! It is a true ceremony for me almost every night! I have already written a post tonight about my new kettle I have used, and about my new French Press I have used for preparing my tea. Now this next post is about the actual tea I was trying tonight.

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I have recently received samples of teas from Culinary Teas, and today’s tea was Licorice Mint tea. To be honest, I was dreading trying this tea! I am very honest in my reviews, always. Now when you review a product that you don’t like, this is something hard to write about. So, I was afraid I would not like this tea, and was not looking forward to reviewing it. The problem with reviewing and writing about something that has to do with flavor often has nothing to do with the quality of the product. For me, I was dreading writing this review, because I actually dislike both licorice and mint. Now, in some applications I do like mint, but then again sometimes I don’t. With licorice, in the majority of the cases, I do not the flavor of it. So, this was going to be a challenge just even to drink this tea for me… Boy, was I wrong.

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I really love this tea actually! I have to say that the main ingredient in this tea is still Orange Pekoe black tea. The black tea used in this mix is quite delicious and strong. It whisked all my tiredness away, and allowed me to work very efficiently. I actually attribute a lot of academic success in my life to the power of tea, and all those wonderful cups of black tea that I drank in all my school years. Tonight the power of tea is going towards my blogging efforts writing about this same tea, actually!

To be honest, I didn’t really taste a lot of licorice or peppermint in this tea. They were definitely there, as I could see those ingredients in the tea, and I could smell them, but they did not impact the flavor in my opinion much. They did add a lot of mellowness to the taste, and I could certainly smell the peppermint in the air! I think this is one of the teas I would consider buying more of, even though this is so surprising to me that I would ever like those flavors! This is a great tea mix, I will be going back for more.

I have received this product for free for my honest review!

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