One of my most favorite pastimes is drinking tea. This is something I grew up doing, and it helps me to stay true to who I am. The teas I drink change, and the accessories change. French Press is really a great way to brew tea – it is so easy, yet makes for just about perfect cup of tea.

I made a nice cup of tea using a new French Press by Lake House tonight. This French Press is great as it is made of high quality glass, has a durable metal frame, and rests on metal “feet” to prevent wobbling.

For me, French Press helps to create the perfect brew. With this particular French Press by Lake House, I like the shape of the handle, and it is very comfortable to hold it. The lid is made of metal and sits well on top of the carafe. This French Press allowed me to make 2 cups of my tea tonight, and it will be great for making coffee in the morning as well.

I have received this product for free for a review.

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