This has been a busy day for me, although I don’t think I have accomplished much. I have worked hard but at the end of the day I don’t really know what I have done. I think taking care of a running around baby is my saving grace. It is hard to accomplish anything, but I will try my best tonight to work for all the hours lost during the day.

I have started the night with making my legendary Blueberry Buckle. I am using every blueberry I find for the buckle, I love it so much, and now it will be ready in 1 minute – yey! Then as the buckle was baking in the oven I started my laundry, my dishwashing, my small tiny cleaning (I need to do a big one one of these days), and here I am ready for some computer work.

But before I start working on my blogs, I am unwinding with some new tea! I am also trying out my new tea, and my new tea and coffee accessories today. The first one is a new whistling kettle. My old kettle is partly rusted, and partly has calcium/salt deposits, so it has to go, and I got a new kettle now. It is a whistling kettle, so if I ever drop dead from tiredness and fall asleep with my kettle on, there is a hope I will hear it and wake up (true story – already happened to me once). I love this new kettle, because it is really big, all metal (except for the silicone grip handle), and looks very durable like it will last a long time. This is what a heavy coffee and tea drinker like me needs! This new kettle looks like a great addition to my stainless steel kitchen as well – it is very pretty looking. I am glad it is so big, I can make enough tea for the whole family!

I have received this product for free to write a review about it.

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