A few weeks ago I have received a whole shipment of samples by Culinary Teas to try. I have reviewed all the samples except for one which is Matcha Green Tea powder.

I liked the smell of the tea when I opened my sample. This particular matcha green tea is from Japan, and it is from the region of Aichi, Nishio.

So far I have tried green tea only a few times in my life, so I cannot call myself a connoisseur of green matcha tea yet, as much as I love teas in general. I think this particular tea is very good quality like all Culinary Teas, and I am planning to use it in my baking. I am looking forward to baking with green tea! Another way I am planning to use my green tea is in making ice-cream! Today is a hot day, and I will probably work on making ice-cream with my kids to cool them off, and we will add a tiny pinch of green tea to this ice-cream to make it even more delicious!

I have received this sample for free for a review.

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