I got this new Xotics lotion for a review for my husband. I was quite worried about giving it to him to try out because he is very picky about personal shaving supplies and accessories, and only uses what he likes. I was happy to see him excited about trying this product.

This Xotics lotion is great because it is actually 3 products combined in one. It is a shaving lotion, an aftershave, and a daily moisturizer all in one bottle! My husband thought this product was superior to a lot of the products he usually uses. He liked the scent of this shaving cream, and he liked the feel of it on the skin. He said that the scent was similar to mint combined with hay. It was a very unusual smell, but he liked it.

The ingredient list of this product is very straightforward, and there are no strange or hard to pronounce chemicals. Most ingredients are natural oils.

This product is quite affordable as well. My husband was very impressed, and will probably start buying this product himself.

The package I received also included Sweet Jamila shea glaze for body and hair. I got to try it myself, as this product can be used by both men or women. I got just a small sample of it, and I love it. It makes my hair look shinier than usual, and gives this amazing glow to my skin as well. This glaze is supposed to help with hair loss. I do not have any problem with massive hair loss at the moment, but I like the ingredient list of this glaze as well, and I like the shine on my hair a lot.

I have received this product for free for a review.

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