Amara Organics has a great Retinol 2.5% Cream with hyaluronic acid, vitamins E and B5.

photo 1 (29)The container looks really nice, it would make a great gift. The cream contains hyaluronic acid and great vitamins to help regenerate skin cells, improve elasticity and firmness of skin, as well as activates collagen.

A lot of beauty products these days contain hyaluronic acid, so this is not a new ingredient for me, but retinol is not as common. This cream makes my skin very soft when I apply it, and the cream is not greasy. I like the texture of it. It is not too thin, not too thick, very easy to apply – just glides on the skin.

I like the packaging of this cream. It has a lid, and then a little itty-bitty clamp that covers the hole where the cream comes out of the pump from, so when you are not using the cream, it will not dry out, as the cream is not exposed to air. It is very easy to pump out of the container, and the whole packaging looks very professionally made, and quite fancy. This cream is made in the USA. It is 97% natural and 71% organic.

It is recommended to use a sunscreen on top of this cream as retinol increases skin sensitivity to sun.

This cream is quite inexpensive, however the quality of it is above and beyond what you would expect. I highly recommend it! I like it and use it a lot!

I have received this product for free for a review.


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