My husband decided to look for a thermometer, and we found a great one that can serve so many purposes. The company actually provided us with a sample for a review, and my husband couldn’t be happier.

So, this thermometer is great because it can measure the surface temperature of just about any object. We have tried it on our heads, on plants, trying to see whether we have moisture in walls. My husband also used it for barbecue temperature and temperature of water for our hydroponic plants. It works really well for all those! Laser is a nice touch on this thermometer.

I think we will be using it for a long time for various issues we encounter. This is a really good thermometer to have around the house as it has so many different applications! It works well for body temperature. Thankfully, nobody got sick with fever so far, and we didn’t have to use it for that, but it does check out well with normal body temperature, and shows that everyone in the household has good body temperature. No errors that we have noticed with this device – works well every time!

I have received this product for free for a review.


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