One of my jobs as a mother is to organize activities for my kids, and this job takes up quite a bit of time and effort on my part, and my husband helps me with that a lot. We shuttle the kids to respective classes and clubs they go to during the year, and the whole family stays active, rushes all the time, and sometimes gets quite overwhelmed! I think this coming school year our older girl is starting middle school, and we are going to take it a bit easy (famous last words), and probably make our schedule a bit lighter for the coming school year.

I do like my kids to study music, and this has not been going that successfully so far. We started with the violin for the older girl, and then slowly moved to the piano, and then singing and choir. We sort of moved away from musical instruments in response to what the kids could handle. There is a lot of opposition in them to structured learning, homework, and scheduled appointments with teachers. As a result, we are kind of not at the level in music education as we would like to be at.

I was searching for a solution with this situation, and while we may continue exploring choir and the band in middle school for the older daughter, I think one of the best ways to learn music is to try playing the guitar, and learn by yourself. In this case you will be able to skip the appointment, the high fees for a tutor, and books. You will not need to be on any schedule, you won’t need to drive somewhere twice a week, you won’t need to rush with dinners, and skip on doing homework because you were tired after a music lesson.

Of course, just having a guitar is not enough, you need to have some type of materials, books, or course structure to do, or at least have a few books or printouts with favorite songs. So, what I found was a website called “Levels for Guitar” that teaches beginners and intermediate guitar players how to play! This is a great course in my opinion, because it is taught by a professional musician, and it provides great guidance in what to do when you are trying to learn by yourself.

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I know a little bit about the guitar as I have studied it by myself and with a tutor in my 3 year of University. I looked through the course for my daughter, and I love it! It teaches the student how to properly tune the guitar, teaches the use of the metronome in classes, and then goes into both guitar teaching, and teaching music theory that has actually been rarely taught to my kids before.

This course has been created by Jason Earnheart, a professional guitar instructor with a Bachelors Degree in Guitar Performance, and Minor in Music Theory. We have had different teachers of music for my children due to moving houses a lot, and we have not always had the best trained teachers, so I was happy to see that this course is taught by a professional.

My daughter has been trying out the course this summer a little bit, but I am hoping she will tackle it more in the coming school year. This will be so easy for us parents when we will just ask her to play the guitar and learn every other day maybe, without any pressure. My daughter learns so well with a computer involved, I think this is a perfect course for her that will teach her proper guitar lessons in easy short video segments that she will be able to follow by herself, and be able to learn from.


The beginners course costs only $8 per month in membership fees. We usually pay about $45 for 1 hour of a music lesson with a tutor, but I suppose you could find a cheaper guitar tutor. The membership with Levels For Guitar Website is so much more cost-effective though! The fact that you are purchasing a monthly membership also makes you more likely to study the guitar, since you will be paying for it every month, so it gives you more accountability, and motivation to study faster to finish the course. What a bargain!

I have received this course free for an honest review.

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