We have been cooking up and baking up a storm in the kitchen lately. We have been cooking seems like for a crowd! Yesterday my daughter made a yummy chocolate cake with chocolate ganache, and I have made mushroom risotto.

What I often find is that when I cook or bake my cup or spoon measuring devices don’t always help me with knowing exactly how much produce or ingredients I need for a given recipe. I have to improvize. I have found a glass measurement that corresponds by eye to the glass that we have had in my parents’ house, and I got used to using as a child for measuring things in recipes. Sometimes that doesn’t help though. For example, yesterday for my risotto recipe I needed 2 pounds of mushrooms. I have had my daughter clean the mushrooms a few days prior, and I have thrown out the packaging, so I wasn’t exactly sure if I in fact had 2 pounds of mushrooms available.

I was lucky to have a kitchen scale by Kitchen Peak at my disposal to be able to measure out exactly the amount I needed. I have used this scale for the first time, and I was so happy to know that now I have a perfect device for measuring just about anything! I love this scale because it is compact, sleek looking, and can measure in 4 different systems – in oz, kg, lb, and g. I am used to metric measurements, and so my brain has trouble with ounces and sometimes with pounds as well. I am glad to have this scale to help me out!

Another feature of this scale that I liked was that it was very intuitive. I have a bad habit not to read through instructions of devices that carefully, but I was able to instantly figure out how to work his scale, no problem, without having to read through any instructions. This is a huge time saver for me!

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One problem I have had yesterday with the scale was that I was using a huge pot with mushrooms to weigh them. I was out of any smaller pots or basins, and I had to use just the huge frying pan. Because the scale itself is so compact, which would most of the time be amazing, my frying pan was just too big for the scale, and so when weighing the mushrooms I had to place the pan not in a centered position, so I think my measurement was off by a bit. In order to measure properly I would need to place the pan in the center, and that would cover up the weight indicator.

I love the scale overall – 5 stars! I think I will use it a lot – it is a great device to have in the kitchen – very useful!

I have received this product for free for a review.

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