I have been looking for some gifts for my mother, and I know she likes to drink coffee and tea, so I have found a cute mug for her to have. It has a little joke written on the mug that I am the best child – I hope she can understand that this is just humor, and I don’t actually mean it – my brother would be mad at me! What I really like about this mug is that it is of a perfect size for a cup of coffee. It also lets you see the color of your drink as it is transparent. I like the feel of it. You know, this mug is like a perfect mug. I know people who are always searching for a perfect pen. Well, I am like that with mugs for tea and coffee. Only certain ones are perfect, and this one is definitely the one!

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I have also been trying out my new coffee grinder! It is a manual coffee grinder, and I have never tried one like that. It comes in parts, so you have to assemble it, but that is really easy to do. Then you have to actually manually turn the crank to get your coffee ground. It gives you the most perfect grind of coffee! I am thinking of sending this one to my mother as well, this will make such a perfect gift – a mug, and a coffee grinder! This coffee grinder comes with a little cleaning brush, so makes cleaning easy-peasy. I think that this grinder can be used for spices as well. There is something about grinding your coffee and spices manually that makes this process more wholesome. This grinder is definitely for true coffee connoisseurs!

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