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I have tried a new eye gel by Ageless Derma – and I love it! This gel is great for tired and puffy eyes, as well as dark circles. I have always had dark circles, but sometimes when I am tired, those circles look particularly exhausted.

I love this gel. It retails for $39 right now.


This eye gel by Ageless Derma is very light. It comes in a pump container, and is transparent. It is not greasy at all. It is easy to apply on my eyes, takes a second, and gives a lift to my eyes that they desperately need.

This gel contains Matrixyl and Eyeliss. Eyeliss is a registered trademark for Palmitoyl Tetra-Peptide-7. I have used MAtrixyl before in different face serums and creams, and it is an excellent solution for wiping years off your face. This gel is a great anti-aging formulation for tired eyes.

I like the packaging this gel comes in. It looks like nice professional packaging.

I have been using this gel for a couple of weeks now on my eyes, and I find that the skin looks less tired out despite the fact that I put in lots of late nights blogging.

I have received the gel for free or discounted for an honest review. 

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