We have received the first MovieBlox box for a review last week! This was such fun! My girls have made a video about their unboxing!

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MovieBlox has different types of boxes, and we wanted to try out the one for kids! We were so excited to get it!

This box comes full of cool items for movie lovers. The best part is to have fun watching movies with your family, and everyone having great family time, and this box is perfect for that!

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MovieBlox brings you fun in your home with candy and popcorn to share, as well as a great collection of movies in your box – we got Harry and the Hendersons and the Astroboy! The box also included a cool card with some cute facts about the movie, which is always great to know.

MovieBlox subscription costs $20 per box with a DVD. Ours had 2 DVDs! Last time we went to the movie theater I used a coupon and I only went with the kids, and I paid I think twice as much for 1 movie and popcorn. This is a great deal! And you get to watch an old favorite! Everyone knows all the best movies have already been made. This is great to be able to watch all the old favorites with the kids now, and we get to keep the DVDs!

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We also got a lot of little souvenirs in our box! We got a little toy – A Ninja Turtle on a keychain, and a fridge magnet, and a sticker, and a badge! My kids were ecstatic! They asked me when we would be getting the next box! This is a real treat for the kids, and for the grown-ups! I have been really busy this past week with my blogging, and haven’t watched the movies with the kids yet, but we are really looking forward to that family time to cuddle up on the couch and enjoy the movie together!

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To connect with MovieBlox, you can check out their Facebook account @Movieblox, their Twitter @Moviebloxinc, their Instagram @Movieblox.

I have received this box for free for an honest review.

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