The set I got for a review is amazing! This is a set of a couple of tongs of different sizes by Vivree. They are great for just about anything in the kitchen. I use them to stir salads, grab stuff out of boiling water or brine, or even soup. I use them to serve food out of pans and pots. Tongs are a must in a kitchen to have!

I cannot imagine having to cook without tongs. The first 3 pairs of tongs I bought about 10 years ago look pretty bad right now. They were bought at a kitchen supply store on St. Laurent Street in Montreal, and they are just so bent and bruised up now. They were made out of very thin metal.

These tongs I got now from Vivree are great because they are made of thick metal, and they have a lot of silicone that doesn’t really get ruined that easily. The metal will not get bent because it is so thick. I tend to throw my tongs in the drawer, and they get quite banged up usually, but not this set, because it can handle wear and tear.

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I have never had any trouble with silicone, and it tends to survive quite a lot of use in my household. I am starting to get more kitchen products with silicone, and I find they are very durable.

I am very happy with this kitchen set of tongs, I am sure it will outlive me! If not, I will update my review when the tongs are ready to be replaced. We’ll see who goes first – me or the tongs!

I have received these tongs for free for a review.

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