I don’t tend to use food processors very much because I have a blender. I usually just chop everything with a knife. I think for some dishes though you really need to have a food processor to mix the sauce well and evenly, to chop everything consistently and quickly.

This Kuuk hand powered processor is not as intimidating as a regular large sized food processor. This device works well, and does all the chopping you can imagine for you. I have used it for quite a few dishes already, and I think it will slowly become part of my routine appliances in the kitchen – I often need more time to do things instead of slaving chopping everything up for hours, so this is my new favorite device that is saving me time! What a great chopper!


This processor can also be used as a salad spinner – perfect for a one-person portion. It could be used for dough mixing as well, especially for thinner dough. I haven’t tried food processors for tougher dough before, and I haven’t tried this one either, but I would imagine that it will work very well for crepe dough or any other liquid type dough.

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