I have never been a big fan of tattoos, that is why I have absolutely no tattoos on my body. In our Russian-speaking society for a long time only people who have been imprisoned, and primarily men, had tattoos. Of course, now all the young people are getting tattoos everywhere, but I feel like tattoo craze kind of didn’t touch me that much. For my generation, when I was younger, where I lived, tattoos sort of were not that trendy, I dare say! However, I love to see temporary tattoos, especially the ones that give you geometric shapes, designs, or some pretty bracelet type designs. I like those, and those tattoos are only temporary, so you will never regret having them, and they are just going to come off, or you can wash them off quite easily.


I got to try Mermaid metallic tattoos this week! I got 5 sheets of different tattoos that I cannot wait to transfer on my skin. I haven’t had them done yet, but later on in August we will be going to a fair, and I think I will put them on for that occasion. I just don’t really go anywhere now with the baby to sport the tattoos, but once a good occasion comes up – I will try them. I love the mermaids, the marine shapes and designs, these are perfect for me! Very girly and interesting looking patterns, too! This set gives you 5 sheets and over 50 tattoos total!

The instructions are very simple as to how to apply the tattoos! Cut out the tattoo you want, remove protective film, press with a wet cloth on the back side of the tattoo after you positioned it on your skin the way you want to, wait for 30 seconds, and you are done! Removing is always simple as well – just dab some baby oil, and it will come off without too much scrubbing!

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