Got my taffy the other day – and am ready with my review. I ordered a 3 lb bag of salt water taffy from eTaffy, and I got the Tropical flavor! The bag arrived, and some of the taffy melted a bit unfortunately. I tried some of the different colored taffy. I had pineapple, mango, and coconut flavors! I have never had taffy before! Taffy is really addictive candy! My plan is to use most of the taffy for Halloween because I try to eat very little sugar, as little as I can avoid. My kids are getting really excited about this taffy, too! I think they will be sneaking in some taffy from me, and I hope to be able to last the 3 lb bag until Halloween, but I am not sure.

photo 2 (35)

This taffy is very tasty!

I have received this product for free to leave a review.


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