Measuring spoons from 1Easylife have been a hit in my house! My husband loves them, my daughters love them! I am not sure about them, I am kind of set in my ways with my previous set but they work well, no complaints. This is just a habit that I have of using an old half-broken plastic cheap set I have trouble shaking off.

This set is different from my previous one. My old set had a dessert spoon that we never use, and it only had 5 spoons I think. This set has 6 spoons, and some are a bit unusual. For me, the unusual ones are half a tablespoon, and 1/8 teaspoon. I usually just eye ball those amounts. I do tend to use 1/8 teaspoon a fair bit, so it is nice to be able to measure it properly now.

I like the fact that this set is made of metal, and therefore it is more durable than plastic. It is well attached together, so the spoons won’t get lost in my drawer. I had a set that was all detached in the past, and I think I have lost half of those spoons somewhere. This way this set will last forever for me.

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