I always need a couple of laundry soap bars on hand for quick washing stains or stuck on food off clothes. I got a new coconut oil double laundry bar and stain remover by Dua Dua recently, and this is a great product!

I am usually not very picky or brand loyal when it comes to laundry bars, but I am looking for a bar that is not going to fall apart when I use it a couple of times, will hold its shape, and will provide good lather on any clothing. My kids are quite messy, especially the little one, so having a good laundry bar of soap is very important!


This coconut bar is nice, it is not irritating my hands when I use it, it gives good lather, soft bubbles, and washes clothing very well. I love the fact that this soap is all natural, and just contains coconut oil and lye.

I like to use natural products when I can, and this is a great product to use and enjoy!

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