Tonight I am reviewing some cookbooks I got. These are new cookbooks that have been recently published.

The first one is “Sassy Cookies” by Luane Kohnke. This book features cookies of all kinds. It is not a very big cookbooks, but it is perfect for a coffee table due to incredible photos inside the book made by John Uher.

Most of the cookies in the book are very scrumptious and intriguing. I think I will keep this book close by for my daughters mostly, as they are accomplished cookie bakers themselves, but they could learn from the masters. I am not much of a cookie baker, but I like to eat cookies. I think the cookies in this book are somewhat easy to make. The instructions don’t seem to be too challenging as far as I can see. At the same time, most cookies have special ingredients that make them exceptional. Anyone can add sugar and butter together, bake it and get a cookie, but try to add spices, nuts, and fruits, or unusual for cookies ingredients like polenta, dry mustard or black olives. I think this book is both entertaining, and inspiring to try out these new recipes that I am sure will become staples once we try them. I have received this book for free for a review.


The second cookbook I am reviewing is called “Seven Spoons”, and it is written by Tara O’Brady. This book is going to take you on a culinary journey to Tara’s world, and it will teach you loads of new techniques, and motivate you to experiment in your kitchen. I haven’t tried any of the dishes yet, but the pictures in the book look delicious and motivating me to try the recipes. I think that this book is going to be teaching me a lot. I find that Tara O’Brady is combining a lot of new to me ingredients, and the recipes are definitely written by a professional chef. They are a fusion of American, Asian and European ingredients and cuisines. It is a very unusual book, but in a good way. The recipes that I will probably be trying soon out of the book are Hard Cider Gougeres, and Tara’s best biscuits. I have always wanted to try Gougeres, can’t wait to use this recipe. Another recipe that I will probably try some day is tamarind chutney, but I am not sure where I can get jaggery – a type of unrefined sugar. I will try to find it next time I am at a store. I find my only complaint is that even though I cook a lot, the recipes in the book look a bit intimidating as they have almost always over 10 ingredients, and just overall look like a lot of work. Also, the dishes shown sometimes have quite a few separate components to make a complete meal, and it looks like more than we would usually make for dinner. I think this book is definitely for a more advanced cook. I will try to take one recipe at a time from this book, and learn the techniques used here.

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I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.


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