We often struggle with cell phone mounts in our car when we drive. I was excited to get a new Universal Cell Phone Holder for a review. In the past we have had holders that just fall off unexpectedly while driving, and create a dangerous situation. Cell phones often fall off these holders while driving as well, so it is important to have a good cell phone holder to avoid accidents and unpleasant surprise moments.

We no longer use maps when driving,a s we have smartphones with all the directions right there. Even when we drive to a place well-known we tend to mount our smartphone for good directions because sometimes roads can be so complex you make a wrong turn and have to find your way back somehow, and navigation apps help every day. It is amazing how life has changed over a few years in terms of finding your directions and knowing where to go.


It is so important to trust your smartphone and the smartphone holder when you are driving. I am happy with the cell phone holder I got. It has a great suction cup that keeps the smartphone holder firmly in place while driving. It is also a universal model, and could be used in 3 different position variations. We mount it on the dashboard.

I am happy with the holder, and we are using it on our second car. If we ever get a third car (God forbid), I will get the same model, I like it!

I have received this product free to write a review.

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