My baby is growing so fast! She is starting to be more interested in plush toys now, and we got her a new plush toy bear from Zubels collection!

I love Zubels stuff! We’ve got to try their handmade knitted rattle toy some time ago, and now we have a nice bear to play with.

Most of my baby’s toys are hand-me-downs. The toys were great when they were used by the baby’s older sisters, but now most of them look pretty ragged. It is great to get to play with new toys now!

This bear is so cute! It has very thin arms, and that makes him a bit disproportional. He certainly does not look like a real bear. And this is exactly what makes him such a cute toy! He looks just super cuddly, and soft, and he is very soft! All you want to do is play and hug him. I know I do!

My older kids also love this toy. They have certainly outgrown tea parties, but they do play with toys a lot, and they like to have hugable toys to sleep with in their beds. The middle daughter especially likes this bear, and I think she would have liked to get it all to herself, but this is our baby’s toy!

I have received this product for free to write a review about it.

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