A few days ago I made a very fast and easy chicken pot pie for myself to eat. I have a lot of Campbells soups in cartons at home and I thought about using some up, and the package I got had a recipe for an easy chicken pot pie, so I decided to follow the recipe, and make it.

I had all of the ingredients at home, as well as a new glass baking dish by Borolux to try out.

Here is the recipe I used:

I cup up some vegetables I had on hand. The recipe asked for frozen veggies, but I just cut up a few carrots, an onion, parsley, and put some frozen peas in as well. I got all the leftover chicken meat from the grilled chicken I had at home. Then I added the chicken soup from the carton container, and started to work on the dough. I used carb-free biscuit mix I had, but I had to double the amount of the mix to make sure the dough would come out fine. I added 1 egg, and half a cup of milk to the dough as well. I spooned the mix over my vegetables, and baked the whole thing in the oven for 25 minutes.

The part that I liked the least about this was probably the biscuit top. I don’t think I like this carb-free mix that much but I have to use it up, so that would have to do. The vegetables and chicken under the crust turned out very well, and quite similar to a chicken pot pie. This was a version of chicken pot pie in a hurry.

I liked using this Borolux baking dish. It is made of glass, and I was a bit apprehensive to try it out. I have lots of glass dishes at home, but one time I had bad experience of placing a hot glass dish on a glass top cold stove, and the dish had hot lasagna, and just shattered. I was lucky not to get hurt. I find with the glass dishes you have to always remember to place the dish on a towel when you take it out of the oven. There are a few other rules to follow, like not putting it on a cold glass top stove – that’s exactly what I did wrong. I like that this dish comes with a detailed explanation, so if you read the instructions on using the dish, you will be able to avoid glass dish explosions. It is also important not to use chipped or cracked glass dishes.

The chicken pot pie I made was really good, part of the reason was that it was baked in a glass dish, and was baked perfectly!

I have received this product for free to review it.

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