A while ago I bought a box of used and unused makeup and beauty products from ebay, and it was just sitting in my bathroom. I was so happy to get a new makeup storage box by Ohuhu that I am using now to hold all these new makeup items I got. I can finally see everything I have, and can plan out my makeup routines better.

What I love about this makeup box is that it is perfect to hold smaller sample bottles and potions I have so they don’t get lost in a box or in the drawer under some bigger bottles. This is great to be able to finally see everything I have – and that is a lot of makeup and beauty care items!

photo 3 (22)

This makeup storage box has little storage area for lipsticks and small tubes, as well as three lined drawers. It looks amazing, and will work wonders for all of my makeup as I can now see everything so well! I will not forget what I have any more, and be able to use more stuff.

I have received this product for free to try out and write a review.

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