This week I have had a chance to try a new device of a garlic press and silicone tube peeler by Dual Chef. This is a set that can be probably bought separately, but in this case comes as two items in one for easy garlic peeling and pressing. I have reviewed and used numerous garlic choppers, and this is a new set that was interesting to test.

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I think that as this set has two parts, I will be talking about two parts of it as well. I like the silicone sleeve, as it is easy to use, and it does the job of separating the peels quite well. All you need to do to use it is put the garlic cloves inside the tube, press and roll it, and then get the garlic out of it, and the peels will come off quite easily. The same exact action can be performed by pressing on garlic with the side of your knife, but I have always found this to be quite awkward to do, so it is nice to have a special device for this action. However, if you have a small kitchen, having an extra gadget for every action you do when you can do the same thing just with your knife is probably not the best idea as you will soon run out of space for your gadgets in your kitchen. I think my kitchen is much bigger than standard apartment kitchens, so I can afford having this extra cute garlic helper.

The second part of the set is the garlic press. I have already written about another garlic press that I have that basically had some kind of coating on it that all peeled off, and that always leaves my garlic grey when it is pressed. Well, this garlic press is much better, as it is made of all shiny metal, and there is no coating on this metal at all, so the squeezed garlic will not change color and stay white as it should. However, I find the press to be somewhat awkward to use, and not very ergonomic. It was quite difficult to press, and I think I even got my hands hurt a bit. The garlic was quite stuck in the press as well, so I had to use a knife to help get it off, but that happens a lot when you are pressing or using any type of grater in the kitchen. I am not sure if I like this press that much, but I have to use it more maybe to get used to it, and to hold everything properly not to get hurt. This press does seem a bit more old-fashioned than you would like, not very ergonomic. While the silicone sleeve looks quite nice, the press seems a bit old-fashioned to me.

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