A while ago I have written some posts about matcha green tea. I have been attempting to drink matcha tea ever since, but I mostly use it in baking and in making blended cold beverages. I have been having a bit of trouble drinking actual matcha tea because I am not used to this drink, and also because I haven’t had all the gear needed for the proper drinking process.

Now I am so excited I have got a set of a whisk and a spoon by MatchaDNA for matcha tea drinking! The whisk is made of real bamboo, and is perfect for whisking the tea to mix it with water and achieve a good consistency for drinking! I also love the spoon. It lets me scoop out just the right amount of tea for a drink! This set would also make a great gift, especially together with a pack of matcha tea, because not everyone has this in their home, and it makes it easier to enjoy a new beverage. Most of my friends are not very familiar with this beverage. I am planning to get a few of these for gifts for various occasions, as I think having a whisk and a spoon that are specially made for matcha tea is the only right way to enjoy the tea itself, and I want to give that experience to my friends.


I find both the whisk and the spoon are very easy to clean. I just rinse and wipe them.

This set can be purchased on Amazon. This same company MatchaDNA also carried a similar whisk and a scoop (Chashaku) instead of a spoon, which is probably even more traditional than the set that I have.

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