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Zubels toys

I have already reviewed Zubels knitted rattle, and Zubels teddy bear, and this week I was given an opportunity to review and set up a giveaway for two more toys by Zubels – a football player, and a rattle cheerleader.

Both these toys are made of 100% organic cotton, they are handknitted.

A perfect gift – two toys

The football player is a nice toy as you don’t see a lot of football related toys for kids, at least I can’t think of any. The toy is a great soft cuddly player that is nice to play pretend games with, or just hug. I remember growing up I used to play a lot of games where I pretended to be part of a competition, and my toys were all the participants. Well, the football player by Zubels is perfect for this type of a game.

The second toy is a cheerleader. It is great to see both toys together, and this will be a prize of a giveaway that I will be setting up for Zubels. What a great prize, and both toys go so well together! This is such a great set!

The cheerleader girl is dressed in very colorful uniform, and is overall a very cute toy, actually a rattle as well, so the toy can be quite entertaining for the little ones! Looks like a lot of effort went into creating both of these toys, and I am amazed by the amount of skill and detail they have been made with. I always like everything made by Zubels, this company really puts time and effort into creating truly special, one of a kind toys, not for the mass market. Everyone in the playground will be jealous of your kids toys if they get to play with Zubels toys. These toys are special!

Zubels company is really picking up this football theme. The football season is going to start soon, so gear up for it with Zubels toys! They also have other toys in this theme in their catalog –

  • 5” knit football rattle
  • 7” knit football player and cheerleader in many colors
  • 12” knit football player and cheerleader in many colors
  • football sweater sizes 6 month to toddler 4
  • football knit hat size 0/6 month to 2/3 years

FBS-ftbl-swtrfootball player low res

Zubels has graciously provided my readers with a discount of 15% off – you have to use code BL15.

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Zubels Football Player and Cheerleader Giveaway #zubels

Now, for the giveaway. There will be one winner who will get a set of two toys by Zubels – a football player and a cheerleader. These toys will be mailed by Zubels directly to the one winner who can provide a US residential address, and a phone number within 48 hours if randomly picked as a winner.

This giveaway is hosted by

Box Roundup

and co-hosted by

Amy and Aron’s Real Life Reviews

The prize is provided by Zubels, and can be purchased from Zubels website for ARV $50.00.

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Zubels Football Player and Cheerleader Giveaway

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