I have taken up blogging not very long ago, and I find that blogging full-time is a demanding job, and requires quite a bit of learning. It seems easy at first – sit down, write up your post, click the button “Publish”, and you are good to go, but that is not exactly all that goes into blogging. Like with any job blogging requires to stay updated with the most relevant information about the industry, and I was happy to find a very useful course that I have started taking.

I didn’t have a lot of hopes for this course. I thought someone is out to make some bucks. But was I in for a treat! This course is really something that I need to put my blog on the map! I think this course is what is going to make my blog stand out, or be in line with what everyone already has going for them.

When I set up this blog I was helped by my husband to do all the design and the layout, and all I needed to do was tell him what I want, and then plug in my posts. Now I have to continue on my own, and I have to say that while my husband is much better than me with computer stuff and websites, we still end up with a somewhat homemade blog. It definitely could use some professional touch, but at this point this blog is not big enough to order up professional services. I am so glad that I have found this Social Media Marketing Course by IMarket XL on Udemy to help me out! The tips that Matt gives in the course are exactly what I need to help me grow.

What I love about the course is that it is very fast paced, so you definitely get the value of what you paid for it. I can barely keep up taking notes of all the tips and tricks that the authors of this course have come up with, and I am so relieved that this course is not just another cash cow for someone, but an actual real guide of how to help blogs and businesses grow in today’s social networking environment. This is a great help!

I don’t think I could ever learn all the tricks that they gave me on my own. This is very rare that I would be advocating for a course that charges money. I have seen so many e-books that are useless, I don’t tend to listen to a lot of courses just due to lack of time, but a lot of the ones I have done are also very useless, and I always feel like I can’t get my money’s worth that I paid for the course. Well, here it is a different story. If you are an experienced blogger you may already know all these tricks, but I am not an experienced blogger, so I need all the help I can get, and this course is exactly that. Honest advice, really fast, so there is so much to learn from this, and everything is shown in a video form, so you can follow through with the tips, and how to implement them very easily.

Matt was gracious enough to provide my readers with a special promo code, so you could get a course that is normally worth $299 for just $19 with this link to Social Media Marketing by IMarket XL on Udemy.

I don’t really know how to thank Matt enough for this course, and I am seriously recommending it to all my fellow bloggers reading this post. This is what you need to stay updated in the industry without climbing on the walls, or having to hire expensive specialists. Everything is there to help you, and you can do it all on your own to expand your blog and improve your Internet presence. I promise you will not regret it! As we speak, I am teaching my husband now everything that I have learned, and he is implementing the tips on his own site as well.

I have received this product for free in order to study it, and write a review about it. This is my honest opinion about the product. I am so glad I got to try it out!



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