This school year hasn’t started yet for my kids, but I have a lot of plans for them to learn. My main goals for them in this coming year is to acquire some of the skills that are important for everyday life, like cooking, baking, sewing, taking care of the house, home economics, learning to run a household by helping out where needed, and by working on homemade craft projects.

I know how to sew myself, but I don’t sew much. Now that I have a baby, and am blogging every free moment of my day, I haven’t had much time for crafts myself, but I do want my kinds to start learning sewing this year at some point. We have already got our sewing machine all set up, and my older daughter has been practising doing some projects on it.

I have got a new sewing kit for a review, and this one is coming handy in our sewing projects. I would like to write about this one and give my honest opinion about what we have got here.

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There are lots of sewing kits out there, and the ones that I have seen are mostly from a dollar store, so they will be very cost efficient but not necessarily handy for what they offer in them. The quality of a dollar sewing kit is also quite low, and that goes for the threat quality, and all the other accessories in them. Another type of sewing kits that I have seen is for little girls, and those come with little booklets, or projects, or pretty boxes with them, but they cost quite a lot, and don’t necessarily help you that much to get you started.

This kit that I have got for a review is by Sir Stitch, and it is truly a premium sewing kit. We have been low in some sewing supplies in the house, and they were luckily included in this kit. We always need threaders, and a measuring tape, and I was happy to find these in this kit. Other great items that I was glad to get were a fabric pencil, a few safety pins, and a few buttons in the set. We always use and need more of those.

Of course this set includes spools of thread, a thimble, and a pair of tiny scissors. This set will be great for travelling needs, and just to have around the house to quickly get the tools to fix up your costume or any outfit.

I will be using this kit with my children a lot in this coming school year to teach them the skills that they need to learn the sewing trade, and to be able to fix their own clothing where it gets worn out. This kit is a great addition to our sewing supplies, and will work great both for an experienced or a beginner crafter.

I have received this product for a review for free. Reference ID code pmf3cdbec569f860cabc54c17ff787a517

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