I have reviewed countless creams by now, and not every cream that I have tried fairs that well. The most recent cream for me is MagiCream for neck and face by Asana Beauty. This cream aims to reduce wrinkles, and improve the overall skin tone.

I have tried it for a few weeks off and on, and it reminds me of a cream I have used a long time ago – it has a very similar scent. This cream is easy to apply, and it disappears very quickly. I like its texture – it feels like it has been whipped up.

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The scent of this cream is hard to notice. I like the feeling of my skin after I apply this cream – it becomes very soft, and the skin tone definitely improves.

I like the packaging of this cream as well. I think the white, transparent and glossy look of the container makes me think about how clean and clear the cream itself is.

I think this cream is truly one of those best kept secrets of cosmetics. It has a timeless formulation that makes you feel comfortable, and that improves your skin by a lot. This is a great way to keep those years away from your face. I like this product a lot.

I have received this product for free in exchange for testing it out, and giving my honest opinion about it.

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