This weekend my kids tried to use the new popsicle molds by Sunsella we got. We love the idea of making popsicles but rarely actually do this, so these colorful molds really helped us to get motivated to do this.

The recipe we tried was just freezing Sprite with gummy bears in the molds, and it worked out very well! The kids loved it! They ate two today, and were trying to sneak more in, but I think they will have more tomorrow!
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Those popsicles are so easy to make in these molds – the kids actually did it all themselves, I didn’t even supervise this time!

We first washed the popsicle molds in warm water, and then the girls filled them with gummies and Sprite, and froze them. They had to put the molds in a basin to hold them. These molds come with a flat top, but the bottom needs to be placed on a special mold holder that we don’t happen to have. Theoretically it is probably possible to store the popsicles in the freezer just on the flat top, because it fits very well, and does not leak, but the kids did not try it this way, and just used a basin to hold the molds until the popsicles froze inside, and then they moved the molds out of the basin. I am so happy they enjoyed this activity – another one done on our summer bucket list – check!

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