I get to review a lot of products, and some of them are great, but some are really, really awesome!

My kids really wanted to get this LED light projector┬áby Ohuhu. I wouldn’t care for it myself, but they were absolutely ecstatic to get it and be able to use it in their room. They turn it on, and then go to sleep with the blue ocean waves all over the walls of their room, and this helps them to fall asleep fast, and they never stay up late struggling to fall asleep any more.

There are many different lights and settings on this projector, but I find that the blue ocean waves works best for my kids. The light is nice at night, the effect is very calming, and makes you feel like you are swimming in the ocean. The other colors are not as successful for us, for example, the red makes it kind of scary in the room, so we just don’t use it. The device works really well – couldn’t work better. There is no issue with the quality of it at all.

My kids love this – that means I love it too! It makes the kids fall asleep faster, and gives a calming effect before bedtime. I think it does help my daughter a lot with her anxiety, which is awesome.

I have received this light projector for free to test and write a review about it.

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