My children go to swimming classes, and go through quite a lot of swimming supplies. We always have quite a few swimsuits, swim caps and goggles available. I got a new pair of goggles for them from Pofinity.

These goggles come with a nice case. They are very shiny, fit perfectly, and have blue plastic lenses. I feel like they are made very well. The rubber that helps the goggles to stay in place is easily adjustable.

The previous pair of goggles we got was for my middle daughter, and she loved them. That pair was also shiny, and cool looking. So my older daughter was very jealous, and this pair of goggles is for her. Now she is excited to have it, not only are these goggles shiny and cool looking, they also have blue lenses, so that is even cooler.

You would think that goggles have been invented long time ago and there is very little you can improve about them. Well, Pofinity managed to make these goggles really special, and we just hope they last a long time.

This sample was provided to me for free for a review.

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