Got a new journal recently for a review. This journal is very nice. This is Anthelion Constellation journal with lined paper pages and nice teal cover. I don’t use enough journals unfortunately – I should use more of them. I tend to jot down my notes on loose paper or on legal notebooks that can easily rip out, so this is definitely a progress. I mostly need a journal for my budgeting, recipe and shopping planning, notes about appointments or things to do with the kids, my blogging journalling and planning, and my journalling of what I learn through continuing education about the Internets, and this blogging venture I am undertaking.

This particular journal has a very nice color of light teal or pantone as it is called on their website (I will never learn all the names of colors out there!), and comes with a foil stamp of my zodiac sign (a scorpio might I mention). The inside pages are soft to write on, and lined. I personally prefer quad or graph paper in my notebooks with those cells for easier writing, but this is just my old Russian habits.

I like this journal as it is mine due to its zodiac signage, and I do not have to share it with anyone, and my husband doesn’t want it as it is not moleskin, my kids don’t want it as it doesn’t have pink color, or cute doggies on it, and so I get to keep it!

These journals cost $13 on Hadron Epoch website, and they look like they will make great gifts for people who like or need to write, or for anyone who likes to take notes of things. My shopping list may not be my most important writing of the day, but it sure feels like it especially if I forget to get something because it was not on my list.

I have received this product for free to review.

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