This Anton strainer bowl is a very cool device in the kitchen. It definitely looks like it is from the future. The design is incredible due to the shape of the bowl, the striking red color, and the great multi-functioning nature of the bowl. The beauty of it is the fact that you can use this bowl both as a strainer for your pasta, and as a plate to eat from.

I used it today for pasta making. I am always out of strainers and bowl to eat from, so this is really an awesome addition to my plate and strainer collection. Straining water from pasta out of this strainer is very simple. The plastic it is made from does not get hot that easily or fast, so it will not get overheated when you are using it. No pasta escaped from the bowl when I was straining it, so there is another great feature and advantage of this particular item.

Once the pasta was strained, I placed the bowl back in my pot for the leftover water to pour out. I do find that due to a bottleneck type of design of the strainer part this particular bowl strainer does not get rid of all the water in the pasta. My pasta I did today was bow tie pasta, so that may have also made it a bit more difficult for the strainer to do its job perfectly well.

I think that this strainer is a really cool thing to have in the kitchen, and it would make a great gift for someone you care about. I would say it is a more modern device to have, so probably more suitable for someone younger, or someone who likes colorful objects in the kitchen. Part of the charm of this particular strainer/bowl is the color of it, and this item is probably something people may leave on their counter for display purposes, not like what we usually do with strainers hiding them far in the middle of the cupboard.

I have received this item for free to review it.

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