I have reviewed quite a few thermometers this year. I seem to need new ones a lot due to my husband’s habits. I don’t grill myself, but my husband does, and he always leaves thermometers out in the rain, so we need a new one every week pretty much. I am glad I got this one, I think it is one of the best models available in the market right now.

The advantage of Alpha Grillers Digital Meat thermometer compared to the other models is that it works really quickly, and gives you the reading of the meat temperature quite fast. Some other models I have seen work well, but it takes them quite a bit of time to give the temperature reading.

This thermometer is so easy to clean. It also comes with a guide with proper temperatures for different types of protein which helps to know the right temperature you need to have your meat at.

The downfall of this model is that it does get ruined if left in the rain. Would you blame it? I wouldn’t. I just wish we were a bit more organized in our house to put these away, or be able to find a model that does not mind the raindrops. That is a challenge. Until then, Alpha Grillers Digital thermometer is my choice – works fast, and gives a good reading of temperature for when you need it.

Sample was provided to me for this review for free.

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