Another item for review – a microfiber hair towel. I don’t tend to use these smaller towels very often, as I dry my hair with my regular towel that I use for my body. However, I do like that this hair towel is nice and soft, and easy to use. This type of product is perfect for me, as I tend to dry my hair with towels mostly, and I rarely ever use a hair dryer for my hair as I don’t have the time for it. I work from home, and I don’t tend to see a lot of people during my day, so my hair does not need to be perfectly straightened or blow dried. Hair towels are my first and only way to dry my hair, and once the towel is down I usually let the hair air dry.

This towel is so soft, I don’t ever want to take it off. I also find that this microfiber is very water absorbent so I manage to dry my hair much faster than were I to use a regular towel.

I have received this product for free to test and write a review.

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