Another new food for us to try – pure cacao nibs by Pure Natural Miracles! I have seen these so many times in restaurants in desserts, and on cooking shows I watch. I have always wanted to try them. I have found a nice source for these cacao nibs – made by Pure Natural Miracles. This is the second pack of cacao nibs that I have tried, the first one was produced by a different company. I had hard time eating those, they felt like nut bark, and were hard to eat through. These ones in this pack are very different in texture, and very easy to eat. They are quite soft, not hard at all, and taste like really good chocolate. I like these cacao nibs by Pure Natural Miracles.

Cacao nibs are great to put on top of your favorite dessert, or yogurt I find. Of course, they are great with ice-cream or mousse. In fact this is what I am enjoying right now as I am writing this blog post – some of my favorite ice-cream with cacao nibs on top for garnish. These nibs give so much great flavor to your dessert, and definitely make it special. And what a great way to enjoy special dessert right at home, and a bit of these goes a long way, you only need a small pinch to add to your sweet treat.

Another great thing about these cacao nibs – they are raw, organic! I try to eat and feed my family with as much organic food as I can find, so adding some more to our desserts makes us less guilty eating them.

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