Today I finally got to try my new Kuuk potato fry slicer – I am so excited to write about! I have reviewed quite a few Kuuk home appliances on my blog already, and this is a new device I got, and I have to admit it is excellent!

Kuuk potato fry slicer works a lot like an onion cutter we have. The slicer comes with a sectioned sharp blade, and cutting potatoes with it could not be easier. I peeled my potatoes, put them in the slicer, pushed the compartment in the slicer in, and the potato strips came out by themselves out of the openings in the blade cutter. Took me a minute to slice up all my potatoes for tonight’s dinner which would normally take up to 10 minutes with my speed of things just by cutting with a knife. Besides, with this device, all the potato slices were nice and even. When I cut with a knife by myself my pieces tend to be often uneven in places, which makes it difficult to cook all of the fries at the same time.

With this device all of the typical problems of handmade fries are elevated. It couldn’t be easier to make a nice homemade batch of fries with Kuuk potato fry slicer.

There are a few negatives I will mention. One is that the device is mostly made of plastic, and does feel somewhat flimsy. Bigger potatoes require a bit of push to get them through the blade, which is completely understandable, but then the energy that you put into pushing transforms into potatoes flying out at speed after cutting, and you have to catch them. I also don’t like plastic appliances sometimes as they do feel somewhat light, and not as solid as metal, so when you are pushing on it, it tends to sort of move a lot. This potato fry slicer does have a stability rubber attachment on the bottom, but in my case this didn’t help that much.

Another point is whether this is an absolute necessity in the household. I think if you like fries, then yes, you should get it. Otherwise, like in my family, we eat fries at home so rarely that I am afraid this device is just an extra thing that we don’t particularly need in the kitchen. I have a big kitchen and a place to put it, but if we ever want to move to a smaller home, I think this device will have to go to a “not needed” bin. Really, the only device you really need in a kitchen is a knife, everything else is not absolutely necessary unless you are planning to use it often.

Here are the fries that I made today –

photo 2 (48)

I think this fry slicer by Kuuk is not going to fall apart, and is made well. I don’t have much to compare it with, but for now I am pretty happy with it overall. I know the blade works, and will work well, as I have a similar onion slicer with a very similar looking blade, and it works great. This device will definitely help to reduce prep time in the kitchen. And it will allow you to enjoy homemade fries out of real potatoes, without having to get that frozen bag of potato fries out.

I also like the fact that this slicer comes with an extra blade if the first one becomes unusable. I hope I don’t lose this second blade until I need to replace it!

Sample was provided for this review for free.

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