A while ago I got a new baby toy organizer for a review, and finally am getting to write it out. It took me a while to write because I wanted to see how good it would work after some time of using it. This organizer is a mesh bag with suction cups attachments that keep the bag in place on your wall or what have you in the bathroom. This organizer stays very well on the wall, it doesn’t go anywhere, and is kept in place really well. If the suction cups ever fail, it is because we have some large bathtub toys, and they just take over due to their weight, and then the mesh bag may fall once in a while.

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I find the mesh bag itself is made well. All of the toys that we use stay very clean and dry in this bag, and there is no moisture collection anywhere, and nothing is moldy at all. I am surprised myself how clean and dry everything is kept in this bag, and it works so well for the bathtub toys. We used to just keep them on the side of the tub, and there would always form pink mildew underneath that we would have to clean. Now much less cleaning to do, and that makes my day!

Our baby also loves the toys that came with this organizer mesh bag – a little duckie, and a penguin. They make funky cute noises, and the baby loves to play with them – what fun!

Sample provided free of charge for a review.

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