I have had a chance to see lots of iPhone cases lately, and the one I am reviewing today is of very good quality, I am so happy to be able to write about it. This case is by Easy Tech, it is a black insta-snap case.

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I like the case because it is very flexible. Even if you drop your phone, the flex of the material will be able to take the hit easily. The case also has a lip that will protect your screen. In fact, this case actually comes with a screen protector – how convenient is that. I usually have to buy this protector separately, and this adds to the time spent just to get the phone ready for use, but here the case actually comes with the protector, so how convenient is that!

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This case comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can return the case at any time.

I like the colors, and the style of it. It is a black case with two silver lines at the top and the bottom, which adds a lot of character, and improves the otherwise boring black tone. I think the design is sleek, the colors are right on, this is a great deal for your money.

Right now this case is sold for $11.99 on Amazon by Easy-Tech. I think this price is great. You can’t really find a better deal than that for much worse designs and colors. I think the price is incredible, in fact, for this quality of a phone.

Unfortunately, I do not have an iPhone 6. I have a 5C model, and I have had the worst time finding the right case for my model, but I see a lot of cases for iPhone 6, and I have to say that this one is one of the best ones. I will keep it for when I need a new phone, I will probably be getting iPhone 6 but the maker of this case is graciously providing one case for a giveaway on my blog!

So, now for the giveaway!

One winner will receive an iPhone 6 Case with a screen protector by Easy-Tech. Easy-Tech will be mailing this case to the winner directly, and I will ask the winner for an address, and a phone number at the end of the giveaway to confirm the prize. I will also send the winner a pack of over $100 worth of various coupons in addition to the case won. Box Roundup will be mailing the coupons. In order to participate, please enter through the widget below.
Easy-Tech Insta-Snap iPhone 6 case and over $100 worth valuable coupons

Sample was provided to write this review.

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