A great new cream I got to try this week by Keeva. This cream has all the properties to be considered excellent – it contains my favorite hyaluronic acid, as well as herbal natural extracts. This cream lists a lot of the ingredients like coenzyme Q10, retinol, vitamin E, vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils.

This cream has been produced using natural technology. The package of the cream contains a lot of information about its ingredients which is great to read as it teaches about the properties of each ingredient.

I haven’t had a chance to try Keeva cream for a long time just due to time constraints, and the fact that I review a lot of beauty products, but I have found that this cream does not make me break out, and does not irritate my skin. It has a lot of anti-aging properties due to its ingredients, and I like the way it feels on my face – like whipped cream. The cream is white, and not oily at all. It also does not leave any oily residue on my skin when I apply it.

I like the packaging of the container itself. There are warm blue and golden tones used in the box and container design, and I like that a lot. This is a great cream for a gift, or for personal use – either way the user of the cream will be happy.


I haven’t found any flaws with the product, but it doesn’t state on the package where it is produced. That seems a bit odd. The box only states that the cream has been manufactured by Keeva Cosmetics Co Ltd, but does not state the country of manufacturing or packaging. I think some people are quite particular about where the product was made at due to regulations or lack of them in different producer countries. Some people really request to know this, so I wish this product would state the country where the company is located at least.

Overall, the texture of the cream is great. The results would require me to use the cream for a bit longer to show, but so far I am very satisfied. This cream makes me feel pampered for sure!

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