Another product we have been using that I wanted to write about are pH strips by HealthyWiser. These are handy in our household as we check pH level for our plants, and pool. Nowadays it is amazing what is available for sale in stores, I could never imagine getting the necessary supplies to run a whole pool at home, or a hydroponic plantation. Then again I grew up in the USSR. I think it is amazing that things like pH strips are available in regular retail sales, and these are just so useful when you have a pool, or planting something in water, and in fact pH strips will help keep pH levels at an appropriate level in your water filled containers. Clearly, this is a necessary item to have in order to avoid bacteria and algae growth.

These strips are also so easy to use. They come with a table that helps to determine whether pH is at the right level or not based on colors shown on the strip after dipping it into water or other liquid. I recommend these strips as they will help to provide guidance and create the proper environment for your plants, or help you determine whether you have bacteria growing in your liquid you are testing.

Sample was provided free of charge to test and write a review.

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